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68 Seat Cover Issues

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Hey everyone,
Having some problems getting my 68's seat covers (PUI brand covers, American brand foams) looking good. I searched the posts on TC before I started and found a lot of good tips. I used the zip-tie trick to pull the seams tight, but I can't seem to get them looking correct. I know I have the ties pulled as tight as they will go, but the front seam is hardly even detectable - seat looks way too flat. Got a couple of stubborn wrinkles too. Any advice would be great - I appreciate the help, going nuts here! Pics are in the links:[email protected]/412078725/[email protected]/412078749/[email protected]/412078735/[email protected]/412078727/
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did you use any cotton batting as per original? if you did you need to add more
I put them together like the original foams - from top to bottom: cover, foam, cotton padding, burlap. I reused the padding and burlap from the original seats. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help, Tony
Add some more cotton to the outer "U" of the seat, that ahold take care of the wrinkels and give the seat some shape
Gene, should I install the cotton between the burlap and foam (where the factory padding goes ) or between the foam and cover? Thanks for the help, Tony
When I tookmine apart, it went springs, burlap, foam, cotton padding seat cover

I reused the original cotton padding.

Are you positive both side of the zip ties went thru the slits in the foam?
Mine pulled right down tight and has plenty of shape.
It could be the friction of the back of the vinyl directly against the foam that is keeping things from "adjusting."
When I took mine apart, it went springs, burlap, foam, cotton padding seat cover
Yep correct order :)
Jim, I thought I had the order of things correct. If I remember right, the cotton padding was a single sheet with no cuts in it. If the padding goes between the cover and foam as you mentioned, you'd have the padding sandwiched into the slits in the foam when you tighten up the zip ties. I am tired and maybe that's why it doesn't sound right to me. It sure would explain why the covers won't tighten up, though. I am pretty sure both sides of the zip ties went through the slits in the foam. Did you use any extra cotton in your seats? Thanks for the help!
OK, I guess I must have screwed up the order then. That would sure explain things! I'll redo it tomorrow and let you guys know how I make out. Thanks!!
I'd go with Gene suggestion, add some more cotton. I JUST did a set of set covers for my 68, actually Wife did most of the work I just supplied the "Muscle" to hold it down so she could get the hog rings on. Wait until you put the cover on the seatback, now that's a real treat! Just trying to get the back seat pleats to line up with the bottom seat was a nightmare. Tomorrow we tackle the rear seat. And as far as I can find out they don't make the foam for that so we are going to "wing It". Wife did the back seat covers on our 67 and it look great. If you have to do the back seat just remember to buy "closed cell foam" It's more or less waterproof and stands up really well.
I did my seat back recently and didn't like the way it came out. I re-did it over the weekend and it looks alot better now. I used both closed cell foam and cotton batting. If you are doing a deluxe interior, and I assume you are from the pics of your front seats, I had to add additional foam/padding along the top and in the pleated areas on each side of the seat back. I honestly think the only way to know how it is going to look is to guess your best and, if you don't like it, cut off the hog rings and add more padding. The only problem I had on the second go round was the seam ripped in two places when I attached new hog rings on one side. It's on the back of the seat so it won't be seen but I think the vinyl was stressed from already having a hole in it. Good luck and I'd like to see pics of it when you're done. Thanks.

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