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I had to replace my 69 327 block with a 350 block. No big deal everything swapped ok.
Now that I am trying to install the motor in the car the rigtht side mount looks like it is tilted down 1 inch in the front.Also the engine is not centered in the subframe. And the right side motor mount bolt is no where near lined up. Did the 350 engine use different engine stands? Or do I need to use 350 mounts? Several of the order books list different motor mounts for 327 and 350 engines. Also the z28 is listed separate. I have a standard Camaro. The subframe is straight but the engine is one inch closer on the passenger side than the driver side. The tranny mount is about 1 inch from bolting up. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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High perf engines use a short frame mount with a thicker interlocking type motor mount.
Low perf uses a taller frame mount with thinner interlocking engine mount. Origonally, the low perf mounts were not interlocking and that's why they were thinner.
Later GM came out with a low perf thin interlocking mount.

The non interlocking mounts can tear apart easily.

There is also a slightly different width of the engine mount tabs which can affect the front to rear location.

There is no other type mount.

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