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I'm looking for an Billet RS tail light that does not need the tail light buckets (AKA - Tail light housings) to mount the replacement lens assembly. Anybody know who makes a billet replacement RS Tail Light set that doesn't need the bucket/housing?

My car has a replacement tail panel, and I have none of the lights, hardware, wiring, nothing..... And if I'm spending over $300 for a billet tail light set, I don't want to drop another $100+ for the housing and stud kit when there is no need to buy them too.

And I'm going to go with a custom wiring harness, so I I'm not worried about any old wiring connections to the light assembly. And that housing isn't needed with LED's, as there is no need for the reflector in the housing.

I've checked most of the popular sites, Fesler, Billet Specialties, Marquez, etc. and none have their installation instructions posted, so I need some help.
Thanks for your thoughts, CHEERS!!!!:beers:
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