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I want to install the original radio and a new speaker in the dash of my 69 convertible.

The dash pad has screws on the side and a few in the dash instrument section of the car. Are there any other hidden from the radio side over to the passenger side? How do I remove the pad without doing anything foolish?



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Ken, Welcome to the site! Were neighbors! Just got back from the Jackson Outlets show last night, Drizzle, Drizzle and more Drizzle, but there were quite a few cars. When I go next month I'll take some pics.

The screws on the drivers side are 2 above speedo and fuel/tach and the outside ones. You have to take the glove box out to get to the ones on the pass side. I can't remeber how many 4 or 5 or 6.

What kind of convert do you have?

Later, Kevin

69' SS-350 Convert, M20, 3.55 posi. Totally Disassembled & in boxes (I'm working on it!)
69'(Hugger Orange -originally, Burgundy now) Z-21 Convert 327/PG, Driver
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