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First of all, I just want to say that these forums are awesome. It took me a few hits on the site to realize that it was mainly about first generation camaros and not later gen vehicles. Kudos to that!

I started up a thread on pro-touring of my build and tear-down projects, simply because I stumbled across them before I did here. I drove a 69 Firebird in college until someone rear-ended me coming back from a job interview. Five years later, I now had enough cash to buy another 69 firebird shell, so I'm not in the process of building that one, but to a little different tune.

The plan for the new project is a completely murdered out 69 firebird coupe with a 500+ hp L76/T56. It's mini-tubbed and will have either Boze or Foregline wheels to fill in the wells. You can see the progress thread here, although I haven't made any for some time due to misc. delays. All of the details of the build are on the first post.

I'm tearing down the 69 convertible and trying to sell the parts. It's a one-man show, so progress is slow there as well. I may be cross posting some of the parts here since this is much more first-gen oriented. Hit me up on there or here (whenever I get things posted up in the correct sub-forum) if you need any parts.

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