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69 glove box door latch removal

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Hello, i am nearly positive that i removed the lock assy from a 69 camaro glove box door. i have one to remove but cant recall or figure out how it removes.Any one know the secret?
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I went through the same issue and Eric told me to do a search on Glove box lock is the answer I was able to locate.

Here's what I posted many moons ago (Jan 2001)..

With Key:

If you do the process is pretty easy. With the key, turn the assembly to the 'lock' position (You might have to manually operate the latch to be able to move it into the lock position). Once in the lock position, a tumbler should appear beside the latch which is in plain view and easy to access. Simply take a small screw driver or pin and push in the tumbler and pull out on the lock assembly. Continue this with the other tumblers that appear as you pull out on the assembly. This should allow you to pull it right out. If you don't have a key, it gets a little more difficult but can be done. I did not have a key for mine so I figured out a way to do it.

Without Key:

I will assume the glove box door is still on the car, which it doesn't have to be obviously, but it makes the desription easier to follow. As stated before, when you open the door, you will see the latching mechanism. Just above the latch (towards the top of the door), there is a small hole where the tumblers would appear if it is placed in the lock position. Since this is not possible, you must use another small opening which is located 90° away from the other one towards the passengers side. This is harder to get at since some of the sheetmetal on the door itself is in the way. To access the hole, I took a cotter pin and bent the end of it at a sharp 90° bend. Once you can get the cotter pin or whatever else to work, the procedure is the same as before. You continue to push the tumblers in until the entire lock mechanism comes out. Once this is out, all you have to do is unscrew the housing from the door. It isn't really that difficult, Hope this helps!
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I have the same problem, the glove box door is shut and won't open when I turn and push button with the key. How do I get it open ?
Thanks for any help
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