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69 rear exhaust hanger installation

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My car had the far rear hangers that go into the two holes on the frame near the tires broken at the weld so I bought two new hangers. The new ones have the two holes for the frame and then two holes at the end of a moveable clamp that is the other end to attach to the exhaust pipe. My problem is, since my original parts were broken, I have NO idea how or where or what to use to attach these hangers to my pipes. Does anyone know if I use a clamp somehow or a bolt and nut to go through the holes on the hanger to attach the pipe? It may sound stupid but I can't figure out how to attach the hanger to the pipe. THe hanger didnt come with any hardware, but has two holes at the ends where it is near the exhaust pipe.
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THe rear most hangers for dual exhaust clamp around the tail pipe near the wheel with a nut and bolt through the holes in the clamp. What threw me off was that the clamp goes around the pipes, but when I got it, there wasnt any bend, it was straight. I had to bend each side coming off the moveable clamp into a semi circle then attach it to the tail pipe.
thanks for the pic.
Curious as to why...or IF a regular U-Bolt muffler clamp cant be used in conjunction with the stock frame bolted rear hangar????????? in lieu of the flat wrap around strap like piece.
Yes, my old ones were missing the clamp part and the previous owner put u bolts onto where the hook that comes out where the weld is holding the broken off clamp was. It seemed to work ok but I wanted the original parts. What puzzles me is why the ones I bought new have a clamp welded on that is flat on one side and not rounded to fit the tailpipe except a little bit on one of the ends with the hole in it. Mine are a tight fit but do seem to fit ok now although they stress the pipe a little closer to the fender area than without them. I was thinking about bending the clamps on the hanger and using an additional u bolt originally before I saw a pic of how they are on a real ss.
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