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69 Z28 Resto. Is it worth it?

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Hi Guys, I have a 69 Z28/RS X33 D80 car that is in numerous boxes. Original drive train is long gone. Car now has narrowed Dana 60 with coil overs and an 8 point cage. Car will need total resto. Is this car worth the money it would require to even attempt to try and go back to a NOM car? I have correct numbers 12 bolt and trans. for the car but it's not the original goodies.

I have 2 other 69's One is a X11 Clone SS/RS 502 car soon to be finished. And a 69 SS/RS 350 car I think? (See Tag Team) and considering selling this one to use the cash on my other 2.

Like minded Camaro owners and their thoughts on the Z28 would be of great interest to me.

Thanks, JimmyC
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Where are you located at Jimmy? I might would be interested in the Z28 project. Any pictures, or idea on what you might want for it?
Hi Troy, Thanks for your interest in the Z. I'm in NC but I'm not sure if I will sell just yet. I would like to get other members thoughts on the car.

If I decide thats the way to go I will let you know.
After 32 years in the hobby including 15 in a Camaro parts business here's my 2¢:

Hell No.

Always ask yourself what you will have when the car is done IF the car gets done-you could spend years looking for the correct dated parts you will need to satisfy the clipboard people. In this case the finished product will be a welded-up NOM no paperwork Z/28; at best a 3rd-tier car-plenty of those on ebay already. Cars like that attract low-end buyers that always have to sell something else first.

Don't get sucked into the B-J hype; there are a number of papered or OE drivetrain Z/28s on the market that aren't selling.
William, Your honest opinion is appreciated and along the lines of how I have been thinking. Would the car be of more value completed as a Pro Streeter?
Much of the work has been done to go P/S.
The only reason I am reluctant to part with this old car is that it has belonged to an old buddy of mine since 1975 and I was with him when he bought it. You know those old Glory Days Memories.

Thanks, JimmyC
Depends on what you want. I understand what William is saying based on strictly $$$$$. I have seen amounts of $45-60K for a date correct Z/28 as quoted from reviews of cars inspected by JM. Fewer and fewer complete Z/28's are around. According to JM the prices for real and complete Z/28's are pushing $100K. He just had one on ebay a few weeks ago for around $90K. If you want to build it for a profit it may be iffy. Building it for yourself is another matter. I am not the leading expert here, but I am just passing on my observations. It would just be too bad to tear it up anymore. If you did sell it it is just a candidate for tim tag and vin tag transplant. I started 5 years ago on mine and prices were much lower for parts then. The body is being done now. I am sure I will have at least $35 into it. You will find a good candidate to own this car should you sell it. Move carefully on this on.:beers:

Another thought on restoration. Repro vs. NOS parts. A bunch of money can be save there. $600 for NOS wheel well trim or $60 for repro.
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Why not continue the theme with it?

Do a faux '70's drag car street machine build-you will have way more fun than rebuilding it.
Gary, Thanks for your opinion and another very good one at that.
You and William both seem to mirror my feelings on this car. One part of me says No way this car is ever going to be worth what I spend on it, While the other part says Don't let it get away. This is why I posted on this forum hoping someone would help me make up my mind.
Why not continue the theme with it?

Do a faux '70's drag car street machine build-you will have way more fun than rebuilding it.
Good idea.

William, Your honest opinion is appreciated and along the lines of how I have been thinking. Would the car be of more value completed as a Pro Streeter?

Thanks, JimmyC
I doubt any "hot rod" build will make money. How many $100K cars get sold for $50K? Only the very special ones break even or better. The bottom line is build it the way you want. Car people are crazy. We are the only ones that spend money expecting a negative return. This is a hobby for most of us here. Hobbies do not generally make money.
William, Thanks again. And I will give this some thought and set on the old car a bit longer. My plan was to start on the car this spring. But I just this week ran across a barn find and bought what appears to be either a well optioned 69 RS/SS 350 car or either what might be a LM1 car. I'm still trying to run down info on this car. If you can help me with this one please do.
I have a post on Tag Team concerning this one. (help with decoding)

Thanks, JimmyC
Gary, I think I just responded to your last post as to William my apologies for the confusion. You both have been helpful and sincere with your thoughts.
I appreciate the help from both of you.

Just to give you guys a brief description of me. I have been a Camaro Nut since the early 70's and always owned at least one up to 1989 when a divorce forced the sell of my then project a 69 SS 396/350 car.

In the time between then and now I raised my son on my own and built a small business that is just now affording me the time and money to get back in to my first love. Anyway I seem to have accumulated too many projects at once. Thanks Again JimmyC
I was sorta in the same boat as you a few years ago...I have a car that was an original 69 RS/Z28. By the time it got into my hands in the mid 80's, most all of the original drivetrain was gone. I never had plans to put it back original until one day when looking at a friend's Z...I was bitten by the originality bug. For the past 8 years I have slowly collected parts and I have what will be a fairly original motor, tranny and rearend. I am not trying to restore it down to every last nut and bolt original...but I want anyone who looks at it to know that I made an effort.
It just depends on what you want...I know my car will never be a big money car, but that's okay...I don't intend to sell it unless I get myself in some kinda major bind...and it hasn't happen yet...and I am going on having the car for over 20 years.
Gambitt, Thanks for your input. I guess I'll hang on to her a bit longer. It's not costing me anything at the moment. Good luck with yours, I wish mine was Lemans Blue. Mines Hugger Orange.

Being an ex-drag car with none of the original components left, it is highly unlikely that you will come out ahead as far as $$ goes. Piecing all the parts together to take it back to original form would get very expensive. And if you aren't able to do the metal/body work needed to revert the car back to stock configuration from an old drag car, thats another heap of money.

Not saying its a lost cause, it can be done. Youre pretty much starting with a set of tags that are for a Z28 (Well, not quite. At least it is a car rather than the tags only). Certainly better than nothing, and you wont have to start with an expensive project car if you were to buy one today.
So you have a X33 D80 RS Z28...What colors and options ? You might not want to do the car but there might just be some Father and Son team looking for a project to build. If it's not a rust bucket and decent colors I would think it would be restorable. Yes there are plenty of second tier cars out there with repo parts that purists frown on but they can still be good cars. I think you would have a better chance recovering your money if you redo it as a RS Z28.....All this depends on the overall condition and colors. Maybe someone has a drivetrain from their wrecked Z and they have been waiting for something just like this.
How does the 69 Z-28 "factory" in Portland, OR come out $$$ wise on their 2nd tier restored Camaros........Guess it all depends upon how much effort you put into making everything "appear" legit!!!!!!!!!!!!
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