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Hey guys & gals! I am working on a 7.5" rear end for a friend of mine. He has asked that I help him install a set of used gears he has that came with the car. Apparently they are the original gears, and someone has swapped in something in the 4 series range. Anyway, I had a couple of questions to ask.

1. Are the carrier & pinion shims the same/similar as to what a 8.5" 10 bolt, or 12 bolt uses? If so, I have a bunch of those around here.
2. What should the back lash be set at? I know 12 bolts are normally .008-.012, 8.5" 10 bolts .006-.010. What about the 7.5"?
3. Anything different about setting these up that I need to be aware of? This will be my first R&P install in a 7.5".

I believe (have not yet dropped the cover to see) that someone used his original open carrier, and added a ring gear spacer to use the higher gear. I will confirm all of this once I start working on it. I just wanted to have the right parts on hand before I begin the work.
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