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70 Z28 Camaro

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I’m posting this because I’ve got well over 5000 hits, with in 3 months, under the Z15CAM nick and Google search identifies Z15CAM rather then the 70 Z28 Camaro. I hope this Plug does not offend the Forums Criteria and Rules. I just want 70 Z28 Camaro enthusiasts to be linked to as many articles as I have covered keeping in mind that Z15CAM is an undaunted 70 Z28 Camaro Fan.

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Spring has arrived. I removed the Car Cover and rags from the tail pipes, put the battery in, disconnected the ignition and spun the engine over a few times to ensure the oil would pick up. Poured about 2 gallons of fresh gas with some methanol into the tank. Reconnected the ignition, removed the air filter and squirted some gas down the Holley HP830Dp and turned the key; VAH ROoOM!!! My BBC quickly dispensed with the whimpering sound of my neighbors 302 Mustang :eek:))

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Pro70z28: Wowa!

That's one mean launching profile. My Z is set for touring 3.08:1 Gears but the motor is as brave as it gets for pump gas with an 8.0:1 DCR, 288AR-10 cam, Crower hippo lifters and Donovan Cam Gear Drive drawing air through an 80511-1 830 NASCAR Carb on top an oval port Edlebrock Air Gap. Got 2.19/1.88 Manley Severe Duty ProFlow Valves and a Jomar in them 781's castings, Forged Eagle Crank & Rods. - I was running an XM278H-12 previously (very nice indeed) - This will be my first attempt with a mechanical roller on the HWY and looking forward to it this summer. My launching speed is somewhat over 0 MPH - lol
Is that new paint? Looks Very Straight. :yes:
Painted last fall, my eye's aren't as good as they use to be to see the paint flow: so I had my friend shoot it. He said he would use his Delbiss 3/4 ( my favourite gun) but for some unknown event the gun was not there when we were together so I had to use my Fleet Millwalki and cut it down as one horizontal pass can empty the can. Actually the gun shoots great but we had to do a gasket repair in the middle of the shot and guess where the old gasket went - never fails - Oh Hum mm - no such thing as a perfect paint job - I could hit the imperfections with 1200 wet and polish :eek:))
2nd Gen Rules:thumbsup:

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No argument, that 70Z has one mean Pro-Street disposition – Man that’s NICE! I enjoyed your Race Alley. Those Custom Hogs must be on loan from Valhalla because no man should be able to claim ownership on rides that take you there. I ride a 73 Laverda 750SF when I get that feeling.
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