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Hey guys..I have a friend who has an all original 72 Camaro z28 with 32,000 miles, LT1 motor...He's looking to sell it. He feels bad that he takes it out 2 times a year and he wants someone to enjoy the car, but he doesnt know what its worth...what do you think is a fair price for this car.

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I'll enjoy it for him. Just tell me where it is.

Seriously, if it's original and in good condition, I'll bet if he put something like $8000 on the windshield it would be gone in a couple days.

Have him offer it for sale on my site, someone will take it off his hands at a fair price too. Have it advertised correctly and list it at "Best reasonable offer" and see who starts flashing cash at him. Depending on the condition it could easily hit 5 figures.

Have him post it on
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