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I had 2 third gen Camaro's. In 1982 your car could have come with 4 wheel disc brakes, a 4 speed manual trans, but not a 350. The first year for the 350 engine into a mass produced 3rd generation Camaro, would have been 1987 when Chevrolet installed it into the IROC-Z. Note to the perfectionists who correct everyone's posts out there: I know about the 1 LE option. The 1LE It was not offered until 1985 and that was a 305. Chevy only made 50 1LE 350 (5.7L) 1986 IROC-Z's and I have yet to see any of these. The key word in the prior sentence is mass produced. The 1LE was not mass produced by the thousands.

Your 1982 Z28 would have come with a cross fire injection intake manifold and a 305 engine. The cross-fire intake was supposed to mimic that of a 1969 Z28 with cross ram & dual 4 bbl carbs. Cross-Fire was garbage and many were known to have fires under the hood. The Corvette used the cross fire as well. It was junk!! Over the years more & more people have been installing the 350 engine into 3rd gens. The 305 is weak engine, epsecially in early 3rd gens. Personally I feel the 305 is a piece of garbage, especially the soft grind in the 305 cam's. The 305 is better suited as a boat anchor.

Be happy you have a 350 and not a 305, even if it's not a matching numbers original Z28.

Bottom Line: The 350 is not original to your 1982 Z28. The disc brakes/4 wheel discs and 4 speed manual trans were availabe in 1982. If it was an automatic trans it would have been a 700R4 with overdrive which is also called a 4 speed automatic. The early 700R4's of the 1980's were failure prone just like the Turbo 200's of the late 1970's.

Good Luck and Enjoy your Z28!!
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