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86 camaro high pitch noise

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I have an 86 camaro, 2.8 fuel injected v6. It has suddenly started to make a really loud high pitched noise. You can hear it through the heater vents. It seems to be coming from the driver side of the car. You can pinch the small vacuum line running to a box on the firewall and the noise will stop. I was told it was probably the egr valve or the heater control valve. Anyone got any ideas? Please
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I was going to say a belt tensioner or other belt bearing was failing, but it sounds like you've narrowed it down. Vacuum leaks can cause some pretty horrendous sounds. If you're pinching a hose running to the firewall, then heater controls or servos is more likely. A hand vacuum pump will allow you to check them all out and find the leak. As for the control, sometimes a regreasing of the vacuum diverter switch guts will solve those types of problems.
Thanks for the info. Ill give that a shot and see how it works. Noise is driving me crazy. Thanks.
remove the blower? turbo? lookin on the bright side I guess. he did say 2.8, right? lol

my guess is heater control....
there is a plae on top of the ac pump that when it gets old and will rattle around and make that noise my 86 does that.
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