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new here
looking for advise help on getting my iroc running like a iroc
replaced maf and fuel filter still have same results such as
it does not sound like a iroc after half hour of driving this was tha case befor i had maf changed now that is done that half hour time is gone
happens right from start up
sounds like exhust is comeing from cat
but there still is back presure oil gauge rises with excelleration
and smothes out with idle frequent almost stalling
it just does not want to pick up
almost stuttering like
what do i do
i had it diagnosed thats why i did the maf
problem still there
or does any one know someone that does RREEPPUUTTAABBLLEE
I had this car for two weeks the first three days i owned it it was in the :mad:shop

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clogged CAT dirty injectors..something in the fuel rail...What codes showed up?

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mj you will get more replies by posting in the proper section at the bottom of the list of sections, (third Generation is right for you ) This area here is the greeting section where you can introduce yourself to us, then proceed to the other sections with your problem. You also posted your question in 'troubleshooting' section too. Please only post your question once in the section where its most appropriate, (house rules). Welcome to Team Camaro too :)
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