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Hi Team Camaro, I am the proud owner of a 97 z28 5.7L, and a 91 rs 3.1L.
I am having problems with the 91 and would like to know if i can get some help.
I went to walmart back in december and the car was running great, was on the freeway and punched it up to 90mph. got off freeway stopped at walmart did some shopping and came out started the car and it had a low idle, i put it into drive and it sputured. finally died at end of parking lot.
I thought it ran out of gas so ran up and got 2 5gal tanks and dumped a third one in, still wouldnt start. got it towed home and made sure that it was getting fuel pressure(46psi). i had replaced fuel pump about 3 months prior so i know that was working fine. I pulled fuel rail and cleaned injectors and replaced o-rings, replaced battery. checked signal at ECM pins 10 and 11 green and blue wites to injectors-test good. removed plugs and they were fouled. replaced plugs and car started first time. the idle did not seem correct and when i tried to increase acceleration it died.
It starts fine but no acceleration, checked all vacum lines, cleaned throttle body, intake, EGR. why is my car not accelerating? No codes.
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