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Sorry to post this here guys,but I posted it in the troubleshooting section and nobody has touched it.......

I've got a 93' with the LT1 and for the last week or so it has developed a miss.
It only happens at a steady cruise.......55mph and around 1600-1700rpm.
The miss can happen at a higher or lower mph and rpm as long as it's constant with no throttle change.
It also happens with or without using the cruise control.
The best way I can describe the miss is that it's like the a/c is kicking on.
It's just a slight bump in the engine.You can feel it and hear it.
This is not an a/c issue...I no longer have the a/c.
Another description of the miss is to say it's like driving an older camaro with a carb. and it picks up a drop of water in the fuel.
It's not enough to make it sputter but it's enough that you can feel it.

*Also ,since first posting this topic the miss has gotten a tad worst to the point you can positively hear it in the exhaust notes when it happens. I've also tried setting my cruise at 55 mph and when it starts missing I've pulled it down from overdrive into drive and it seems to increase the miss with the higher rpm of that gear.But the strange part is that if I manually increase or decrease the rpm's the miss goes away.*

1.My first thought was bad gas but I've filled up at a few different stations.
2.My second thought was the fuel-filter but it runs like a scolded dog and stops the miss the instant I accelerate or decelerate.So the engine is getting plenty of fuel because it will accelerate strong with no hesitation.
3.My third guess was the plug wires but I can't see anything wrong.Even checked in the dark for any arching.
4.My fourth guess was the fuel-pump but the pump was replaced about a year ago and the engine wouldn't accelerate like it does if the pressure was dropping.
5.My fifth guess was the cruise control but it happens with or without it.

I'm convinced it's a sensor issue so my next guess would be MAF sensor or possibly TPS ?
I'm not getting an engine check light so would it do any good trying to pull a code from the engine?
Anybody have suggestions on where to start looking????

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