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Problem solved in my case... 1995 3.4L would start every morning with no problem... Good strong idle, etc.. Once engine got up to operating temperature, it would idle fine, but as soon as I accelerated, it would stall.. If I was in a drive scenario from the cold start, I could literaly be driving down the highway and it would stop and not start... A Clear Flood start would eventually get me going just enough to get off the highway... Tried all the fixes everyone else has recommended... IAC, Temperature Control Sensor, New Coil Pack and Ignition Module.. As everyone else, I spent a lot of time and money.. My goal was to put in a lower operating temperature thermostat to keep the engine cooler.. (Since it runs so good cold).. Upon removing the MAF to get to the thermostat, I was really blown away as to how much crud was behind it. I mean a lot.. Looks like never before cleaned... Now mind you I had already used the MAF spray to clean the front side... The MAF spray did a credible job cleaning the back side, but there was so much, I eventually hade to use a wet towel and scraper to get if all off...Also, I noticed that the crud extended all the way up into the chamber where the PCV sits.. So I cleaned all of that out, put the thermostat back in and went to start the car, not expecting anything, but to my surprise, after about a minute, my engine idle dropped from about 1000 rpms down to around 750.. I was a little surprised, then I noticed that upon acceleration, the engine no longer hesitated... Still afraid to take her on the street, I drove around the corner several times and shes breathing easy, running like a racehorse... She's back on the road again... This solved it for me... Hopes this helps...
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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