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hey guys...i know this is for early camaro's but you guys seem quite knowledgable and i didn't feel like joining another forum...

a buddy of mine has the car and he said at slow speeds he started hearing a 'grind' only in first but now he has heard it in sixth gear and it only use to happen on left hand turns....when he took me for a ride it didn't happen so i can't really explain the grind to ya but he said it seems to be coming from the shifter....he races it and the guy before him raced it so its been through it also has 3.73's i doubt it'd be the rear end but i've seen weirder stuff....any info you can give greatly appreciated...thanks ahead guys!!

'69 SS350, '041 heads 202's, edelbrock torkerII, 1407 edel 750, CC valvetrain, 280H cam(i believe) didn't build , somewhere around 10:1 CR(if my #'s were right) :) no clue what she's pushing or how she'll run ready to find out though
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