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Here's the symptoms....
The AC worked fine in the morning.. In the afternoon, and it was a hot one, outside air temp of about 102F...
the AC would not work.... When I got home I pulled the cap off the low pressure side port to try to check the pressure
and noticed that the valve was foaming.... I had a shop discharge the sytem, change the port valve and re-fill the system...
The mechanic ran into a problem . . He could fill the los side to the right pressure but the compressor would not come on....
I believe he told me he could jumper the compressor and it would run, but it will not come on when the dash control is turned on.
I tok the car home and 2 days later checked the low side pressure .. it is still at the max recommended.. but the compressor will not come on.... The fuse looks good .... .What else should I check ?? I think it's something in the control loop.... Is there a relay or safety switch that has to be re-set after the system leaks down below the min pressure that is allowed ???
Any ideas ??? Thanks..... It's hot out there ..:thumbsup:
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