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Hello everyone. I am having some problems with me 96 z28. Only mod is muffler delete and c6 corvette rims. The battery is a new autozone battery duralast gold that i bought early this month. I recently had the waterpump replaced because it was leaking water. After about a week the car wouldnt srart so i took it to a mechanic who said there was gasoline in the oil which he said was because of a bad fuel injector. He replaced the bad fuel injector drained the oil, put new oil in and a new oil filter. Car started up but still had to crank a lil bit to start it. I had him replace the fuel pump because it was throwing a evap purge code (p1441 i think) which i was told was a bad fuel pump usually. After that the car started up a lot quicker then before. A week later i started to feel the car taking longer to crank. It actually sounds like the crank was getting weaker as u cranked it but still turned on. This morning when i went to crank it, it sounded like the crank got real weak to the point where i thought it wasnt going to turn. But keeping the key forward even as weak as it sounded it turned on. I thought for sure it wasnt going to start. Anyone know what this could be? Any ideas? I'm going to try to take it to the mechanics after work ifnit turns on, but wanted to see what you guys think. Just trying to get an idea what type of repair costs im in for.

Other problems i have been having with the car is that it revs on its own when parked or stopped at a light. It started doing this about 2 years ago when i had a mechanic change the optispark plugs and wires. It was fine before they changed the plugs and wires... I have replaced the iac, egr, and tps. I even had them smoke the lines to check for vacuum leaks and replaced all the bad hoses. Still same problem. I have to disconnect the iac at a low idle when the car is cold just to stop it from revving on its own all the time. So yes, i drive it with the iac always disconnected. I dont know what else could be causing the problem with the revving. When i disconnect the iac. The car idles normal. I have taken it to several mechanics in this area but they are unable to figure it out as well.

My main concern right now is the starting up problem. I need this car for work right now so if it doesnt start on me im screwed. Also the car was parked for about 2 years. Opti plugs and wires were done 2 years ago before i parked it. And yes it was having revving issues before i parked it for 2 years.

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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On start-up, you might turn the ign sw to RUN and leave it there for about 3-4 seconds, then crank engine over.
This procedure, as i have learned, primes the fuel system, for a quicker start.
It also is troubleshooting tip for a leaky check valve in the fuel pump or leaky injector.
One would have to use a fuel pressure gauge and record pressures at start, run, and a couple hours after shutdown. No or lower pressure at shut down, leak.

There is a procedure in setting base timing and base idle rpm.
These two should be done before any troubleshooting/repairs happen.
You might remove the IAC and clean out the orifice and surrounding area.
Then reset base idle correctly.
You might get a Haynes manual and read up. Better than nothing.
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