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I have a 97 v6 manual. Some days it starts and others it doesn't. I thought it was the clutch safety switch so I replaced it and it started but a few days later it wouldnt start again. I jumpered the switch, thinking the was the issue and it did it to me again today. The security light doesnt stay on or blink, it goes off along with the other lights on the dash when you turn the key over. My car just makes a click when I try to start it. When the clutch switch was installed, I could move my clutch in and out slowing while trying to start the car and it would catch, this is why I thought it was that but obviously its not.

Any ideas on what it could be?

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If the starter 'clicks' into gear but does not rotate the engine, then clean/wire brush the battery connections.
Maybe change battery cables to a wire gauge min of 1 GA.
Also, if it clicks, the starter may need a new solenoid as the copper disc and contact bolts could be burnt due to arcing.
Most easiest is change out the starter relay.

If you hear a click, then VATS is being satisfied allowing the starter relay to close when ign key is in START position - no click,
VATS not happy, the tumbler is not reading the key chip.
If this happens, try to start again in a min of 3 minutes with the same key.
If the engine starts or you hear a click, VATS is being satisfied.

Also, another problem could be the battery not up to its full charge, faulty alternator?
Battery could be on its way out also by being old age or not being able to hold a charge.
Or, an aftermarket electronic item could be drawing current and draining the battery.
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