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93 LT1
My fans have never worked but I've never had a temp. problem as long as I didn't set in one spot for too long.
The temp. generally runs around 180-190 consistently with no issues.

*The water-pump went out so I replaced it and the thermostat with new parts and used the coolant temp.sensor from the old pump.* my fans run constantly and my temp won't come over 140 degrees according to the temp. gauge.

First resolution....unplugged the fans to see if temp.would rise.No good,still 140 degrees according to gauge.

Second resolution.....installed new thermostat.No good,still 140 degrees according to gauge.

Also,the gauge starts from 0 and rises to 140 degrees normally.

My question is this........
1.Does the coolant temp. sensor in the water-pump control the temp. gauge inside the car?
2.Does the coolant temp. sensor in the water-pump control the fans?


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Reads like you have a 140°F thermostat instead of an OE temp thermostat. Put thermostat in pot of water on stove and measure water temp to witness opening temp. Thermos start opening at temp stamped on the unit and are fully open at 10°F later.
Coolant sensor for gauge is usually a single wire. Check drvr side cyl head between #1 & #3 cylinders.
Coolant sensor for ECM is two-wire and ECM controls the fans.
AC or DEF is selected and fan(s) are on.

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The sensor in the head is for the temp gauge on the gauge cluster. The sensor in the water pump tells the PCM (computer) the temp for fan operation.
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