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I'm nearly done wiring up the interior with the Classic Update kit and a few issues came up...

How do you mount the dimmer switch? I had to replace the front toe board so there is no mounting. Anyone have any pics under the carpet?

Does anyone have the part number for the door jam switch that is used on the passenger side? Its the one with the "mushroom" style connector not the two spade connector type. My car had the 2 spade connector type on the driver side which the Classic Update kit doesn't support.

What type of bulbs do the heater and cluster connectors need for the AAW bulb holders? 1445?

How does the glove box wire on the AAW harness mount? i can't seem to figure that out at all. Anyone have any pics?

Does anyone have any pics of how the courtesy lights are mounted under the dash? Each hole i try to use makes the light look funny and out of place. Any pics, i tried seaching but i couldn't find any pics of the mounted light.

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