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You can buy a complete deluxe interior for about 1000 from the parts houses, that include all the soft parts, upholstery, rugs, dash pad, door and quarter panels. If you need to buy the seat covers, they are around 450 for two buckets and the rear seat. so take that off the 1000.

Glove compartment rosewood, and trim goes for around 200 to 250 on Ebay, the radio and headlight area woodgrain trim brings 75 or so.

Deluxe belts are not part of the deluxe, or custom interior, but they seem to bring anywhere from 100 to 200 for complete sets in decent shape. Can't give away rusty or really dirty/stained sets. Of course these are date and application coded so the closer the date is to your car the more they would be worth to you.

Don't know if this is what you wanted to know or not.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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