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Half way to a miracle idle!

Found an adjustable vac can that fits the 8361.

Accell 31034. I got it at Summit.

Now as I understand these you start at fully counter clockwise and begin to turn out.

One turn out = 3 degrees advance
Three turns out = 9.5 degrees
six turns = 19 degrees
nine turns 28 degrees

At nine turns the vac comes on at 4 inches of mercury and is all in at 10.

Question is, if I have the black bushing in which cuts centrifical at 18 advance, does it also cut out the vac advance? Eg can I crank the vac advance up knowing it wont over advance at 3000 rpm when it cuts out?

I want as much vac advance at idle as possible as it really helps the motor idle smooth. Will work on pinging once I hear back from you all.

So if I have 17 at idle, vac can plugged, can I put in another10 or so from the VAC, eg 3-4 turns? Engine loves high idle advance, NO starting problems at all.
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