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I have a brand new Accel HEI stock replacement dist. Tried playing around with the springs that come in the package. Heres the problem I set the intial timing at about 10b. Then as I advance the idle with the light on the balancer The mark (advance)doesn't start moving until about 3000rpm . When you put lighter springs in it doesn't come in until about 2500 rpm. and when it comes in it boosts the rpm way up drastically. when you bring the idle back down to 1000rpm the intial timing is advanced way too much by about 10 degrees, this is all with the vacuum adv. unplugged. Marked the distributor and it hasn't moved! What could be wrong, thinking its the dist. Has stock weights in it. Seems like the advance is working backwards.

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Post this question in either the performance or engine and drivetrain section.
This is not the correct section for engine questions.

I suggest you take the distributor to a shop that can re curve it on a machine.
Most HEI distributors don't have enough weight to the advance weights and the springs in the kit are so light the advance does not return fully. It needs a lot of work to make it advance early, and a machine to check it on.

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