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I am purchasing tires for AG wheels. These are 15 x 7 Corvette Rally Wheels from '68, which accept the 15 x 8 rings. I have a '69 vert with drum brakes and mono leaf springs, which were replaced about 4 years ago.

I want an opinion as to whether 235/60/15 will fit on all four corners with these AG rally wheels. The backspacing is 3.75.

I have seen in prior discussions that 235/60/15 generally work on a '69 with 15 x 7 wheels, but the 69 Camaro rally wheels' backspacing is usually 4.25, not the 3.75 for the vette wheels.

I have found two posts that come very close to answering my question in the affirmative, but there is conflicting information in them. One user claims you would need 4.25 backspacing. Some claim they got away with 3.75 on non-AG wheels, but one user states: "The Corvette 15x7 rally wheel will put the outside edge of your tires 0.6" closer to the fenders than the Camaro rallys - probably not the right direction," and others simply state they have used 235/60/15, but do not state the wheels were AG with 3.75 backspacing. In the other post the user states he is going to go 225, not 235, and he gets a general response that the setup will work without any discussion of backspacing.

It seems the majority thought a 235/60/15 setup with the AG wheels would work without rubbing, assuming a good suspension, but can anyone be more definitive? Thanks.

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