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I have factory air in my car. 1st let me say I am not a mechanic. I want to get it to work. The person that works on my car says that the cheapest and easiest thing to do is convert it to r134. He says that there is a conversion kit out there somewhere, consists of some valves, oil... Ive looked in classic and ground up but no luck. can anyone point me in the right direction?


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The kits on the aftermarket are for chanageover and do include oil and quick-disconnect valves so that one does not use an R-12 manifold and contaminent the system.

Some I know have had good luck and some bad. If one were to change, I'd recommend changing the receiver-dryer, all O-rings, and a complete flush of the system before a total evacuation.

Compresssor pressures will be higher, i.e., R-12 = 275*, R-134a = 300*. Cooling will not be as good, maybe at best, 80-85% of R-12.

However, it will work good if the system does work good now.

Maybe some others will chime in here and offer their opinion......

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