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for anyone thats been following my topics here and in TAG TEAM, i have been trying to verify the engine i got in my 69 SS350. so lets get it all out on the table. the block front surface has these #'s on it
19N518336 V1003DZ
the back of block shows somthing like this
the side of block shows something like this
N41 S71 886
the intake has these #'s
the carb has these #'s
3923289 DZ LIST 4053 D811
the balancer is huge and the timing tab covers all but an 1/8"

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This is getting confusing!! The system really works best if we keep the conversation in one forum and in one thread.. I think you got the jist of that when you started a new thread but putting it in 2 places makes it hard to follow. I'll close this one since it in Tag Team as well...
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