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I'm watching a '67/'68 BBC lower alternator bracket on ebay, ending soon, and I see the fellow says it's for "chevrolet big block cars without power steering". I was unaware there was a difference between the lower alt brackets for cars with and without power steering, but I guess it would make sense. Is that correct? Here is what the auction says about the bracket:
Chevy Big Block Lower Alternator Bracket, Corvette, Chevelle & Passenger Car.

Up for auction is a used GM Alternator Lower Mounting Bracket with the split bushing installed, used on Chevrolet Big Block Cars without power steering.

This bracket was used for many Chevrolet applications. Unfortunately I’m not sure of these applications, so please make certain this bracket would be correct for your application.

The markings on the casting are:

On the front – An “E” inside a triangle, below that, G.M.

There is a # 2 cast into the crotch of the web on the front.

On the back of the web, is a “G” inside a circle.

This casting is with the elevated support arm with a “bend” in it towards the rear bolt hole, not a straight support leg like others I have seen. Please check your application before bidding.

When used with a 2-groove belt system, this bracket places the alternator belt in the # 1 groove (Closest to the engine) of the crankshaft to water pump pulleys.

Now, I do intend to run power steering. This looks like the correct alt bracket to me, but if the seller is correct about the power steering thing it won't be of much use to me, I wanted to check that with you guys to see if I should bid. Thanks
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