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1968 Camaro LT1 with T-56
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I am still confused regarding the "F" and "L" small brown wires on my CS144 alternator. My AAW wiring kit for my

68 Camaro has a brown wire for the alternator. My factory manual for the 94 LT1 CS144 that I am putting in the

camaro states the following:

When the ignition switch is turned to "RUN", battery voltage is supplied from fuse 8 to the generator at terminal

"F", turning on the regulator. If for any reason terminal "F" did not supply any current to the connection inside

the generator, the regulator could still turn on because curcuit "L" would function as a backup source for "TURN

ON" current.

Am I reading too much into this? Do I need both "F" and "L" wires hooked up? Does the brown alternator wire on

the AAW kit feed into F or L? many websites state to hook to "L" and other state "F"
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