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Another speedo ?

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My car hasn't had a speedometer for a while, so I didn't need the help. But now I do.

I have a TH350 with 3.23 gears and 245/50R16 tires. The drive gear is pink and I can count 6 teeth (but since it's a worm gear, I assume the 7th tooth is there). I had a 19 tooth driven gear and was way off - 55mph on speedo took 1min15sec for 1 mile. 25% slow. I put in a 21 tooth gear and it got better - 1min10sec at 60 mph to go 1 mile - 15% slow.

Here's the question - Do I need to go to a 22 tooth driven gear (which I don't think is available) or change the drive gear to an 8 tooth?

All the calculators I've seen (TCI, etc) say I need fewer teeth but they make the speedo even more wrong.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Bill Helton
70 Coupe, Daytona Yellow, 355ci, TH350,
Don't know the rest - just bought it.

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I think I have seen 22 and 23 teeth gears
in the National Parts Depot catalog. I'd check for you but I don't have the catalog here at work.

Give them a call.
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