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Nope. I doubt it. It would have to be on the tag for the factory line workers to add the right items and pierce holes for RS.

1 = Chevrolet
2 = Camaro
4 = 8-cylinder engine
37 = coupe body
7 = 1967 model year
N = Norwood, OH assembly plant
222847 = vehicle serial number sequence

Decode for body number: 123272

05C = Built the Third week of May.
67-12437 = Standard Interior Coupe.
NOR = Built in Norwood Ohio.
760 = Standard Black Bucket Seats.
Z = (A50) Strato Bucket Seats (without headrests).
Y-Y = Car Color is Butternut Yellow
E = Interior paint is Black
1W = (A02) Tinted W/S only
2L = (M20) 4-speed floor shifter
2G = (D55) Console front compartment
4P = (L48) SS 350 or (L30) 327-275H

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The car is already being sold as a clone, so why not just admit that the RS is cloned and the SS might be cloned as well? There is nothing original about the car so why try to mis-lead potential buyers?
Especially when i questioned him on it, told him it couldnt be a real RS lacking the 3L and he responded with the following:

"It was originally special ordered from Chevrolet as clearly stated. Thanks for your input though"

Guess because it was "special ordered" he believes its legit. :noway:

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When I bought my '70 Z-28 RS the title said "Z28" but the cowl tag did not. I did some research and was told by a GM rep. that not all camaros were tagged right. Some were changed on the line. The car was a racecar before I bought it so all the "Z" options were long gone. Since I was chopping the car up to rebuild it as a race car I didn't much care if was real or not, just thought his response was interesting. :yes:
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