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Hey guys,
I am trying to find a good picture of the smog pump setup on a 73 Z28 4 speed car. I want to take the headers off mine and get it back to original. Anyone here have a car they can take some pics of ?

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You can visit our club board. We have a member with an original 73 Z/28. I'm sure that he can help you out. Follow the link in the signature if you want to contact him. His name on our board is litemup and his name is Jim.

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We have a 74 chev pickup with 350 eng that is probably the same.
All those years (70's) mounted the pump under the alternator, used the same belt as the alternator.
Let me know if you want a pic of that. It'll be DIRTY though!

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Let me know if you have any questions. That is exactly what I have, a 73 Z28, 4 Speed car with all the Smog Stuff (original) on the car.

If you need pictures or numbers or whatever, just let me know.

Thanks Camcojb
, thanks for the kind words.

Bob R

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