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Ok so I was doing some research on line and came across the LM1 option on 69's. I looked into my car and believe it may be one. It falls within the time frame they stated the cars were produced and my car has multi leafs and a 12 bolt rear end along with dual fuel lines. According to what I read there were only around 10,000 with this option.

I was wondering if anyone could shine any light on this for me.


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Things to look for:

1. Look for the suffix code on the motor, HQ if it is a manual, HS if a TH350 and HR if a powerglide (if # Match motor)

2. Look for dual fuel lines from the gas tank

3. look for a prop valve under the drivers door, bolted on the frame

4. Air cleaner top chrome or black (if orig)?

5. Number of leaf's in the leaf springs?

6. 12 Bolt or 10 Bolt?

7. Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes or Power Drum brakes?

8. If manual tranny, look for speedo hole placement in firewall?

9. When was it produced (on the TTag?)?

If no Matching Number Engine:
If it has some of the above, but no Disc brakes (ie, muncie, 12 bolt, dual fuel lines) then it has to be an LM1, if it has Disc Brakes, plus some of the above, then it could be either an LM1 or a SS350 car.

If a Numbers Matching Engine:
The suffix code will tell you for sure if it is a LM1, SS350 or Base car.

Best of Luck!
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