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My 327 rebuild is coming along and now I am focusing my attention on parts that go on the engine. Water Pump, distributor, carb, etc. I have 2 original dated water pumps, but they both need a rebuild.

I contacted Arthur Gould in NY, but strangeness in their website turned me off a little (the shop is just in a house garage). ChevyCool is another (just a random garage door in a AZ mall), a member here had his done there.

I have a press and tried this years ago with Zip Corvette parts, but the shaft was for a short pump, 69s have the long pump. So that did not work.

I figure the shop cost is $100 to $120, shipping has got to be high $35-$50 each way. The total for one pump would be in the $200 range.

But I found this kit on Ebay for $75 with free ship: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 302 5.0L V8 New water pump rebuild Kit 3927170 3953692 | eBay seller has good feedback and seem to be a rebuilder/parts store in OR.

Looks like the correct long water pump and I need a new impeller anyways. I have the GM Service manual, with the rebuilding instructions. I am thinking about giving it a go.

Has anyone else tried rebuilding their water pump at home? thx
Bulk rate USPS Priority box is $22 and should accommodate the pump. Go to the Post office and bring a box home-test fit.
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