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This video is a bit old now, and was a topic of some news organizations as being "unfair" for my fellow apache pilots to shoot these "unarmed" men with the 30mm cannon.

For a little background on the 30mm cannon:
30mm round is fuze activated copper cored shaped charge with fragmenting outer casing.
muzzle velocity: 2640 fps
max range: 4000m or 2.4 miles
armor penetration: 2.5 inches
Blast radius: 4 meter lethal radius

DO NOT watch this if you do not want to see graphic video, it is shot under the FLIR or forward looking infra red, so you will not see gross visual scenes, but will be able to see what is happening. By the way this crew is from the 4th ID stationed at Ft Hood where I was and I know the guys involved.

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Sorry Jerry, This was removed from the site last time it was posted and it was also removed from the Team Chevelle forums as well.
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