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Are all GM Armrests in the 67-69 era identical?

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Just curious, I need a fresh set of armrest bases for my '69 standard interior and it looks like there's a ton of them available that fit a variety of GM products. Anyone know for sure if they are all interchangeable?
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Hey Tim... I have the original pads so that's good to know. So I found a source that lists the Dynacorn bases as replacements for a 69 Buick Skylark and they look the same as Camaro, Chevelle, Cutlass, LeMans armrest bases. The guy that did my interior over lost the DS base and ironically he gave me two PS bases and pads back after covering them with vinyl because he felt the molded plastic didn't measure up to the door panel material finish.
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BINGO! Just kept searching and finally came across the OER part number for replacements (OER8769928) and eventually got on OER's web page. Here's the list of cars these armrest bases were used in:
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