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at this time you can only post links to pictures that are already on the internet somewhere. we are not able to host them due to not being able to keep track of who,what,where etc.

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What are you trying to post, a picture? If so, here is the best way I know.

1. Establish an account at one of a number of pic posting sites. The site has to allow what is called 'hotlinking', which means you can link to the file from another website (like this one). Some site do not allow this, like geocities, tripod and anglefire. I have had good luck with and But there are others. If you see a picture in a thread, right click on it and look at the web address. That can help find places too (or cool sites).

2. In your post, all you have to do is use the commands with the file URL (address) to have it appear. Like this:

[B][ IMG][/B][url]http: //[/url][B][/B]

will give you this:

(note on above. I added a space after the first '[' so you could see the code.)

3. Or, you can link to the picture and not show the actual shot in your post, like for large pictures. Pictures that are too large may be considered rude, and hampers people on dial-up. You can just past the link, like this:

or use the [ url ] code to make it 'snazzy' :) like my sig below.

[ url=]My Camaro[/url]

My Camaro

I hope that makes sense. :beers:
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