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Holley 4bbl #4160

I have a great ability to take things that work and render them useless! I just rebuilt my Holley and thought I would do all the settings by the book. So I went to readjust my choke according to instructions. Before readjustment, the choke plate closed on a cold engine when you stepped on the gas pedal. After my first "readjustment", I couldn't get it to work. I then pulled the choke assembly off the carb and it looked like I had bent the tab (for lack of a better word) which extends from the throttle side and pivots on the choke cam. So I bent it back to what I thought it should look like. Well that didn't do it, so I pulled the choke off again and discovered I had mangled the spring inside the choke cover. So I bought a new cover but that didn't fix it.

The big question is - what causes the choke plate to close on the cold engine when I step on the throttle? Is it the little piston inside the choke? Or is it done physically by that "tab" coming from the throttle pushing up on the choke plate linkage?

I appreciate any and all help!


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Inside the cover, is a coil spring. It fits into a "fork" on the choke assembly. This spring is what closes the choke when cold.

You see a notch on the cap. You see a group of marks on the housing where the cap fits. When installing cap, make sure the spring end engages into the choke "fork" linkage.

You can see if the cap/linkage are connected by rotating the cap CW & CCW and watching the choke plate follow the movement. If the plate does not follow, then its not interfaced correctly.

Once the cap is connected correctly, align the "timing marks" to the middle range and secure the cap. This will be a place to start.

The piston inside the choke assembly is used to pull open the choke after the engine starts up. It pulls against the spring.

Set your high idle for about 1400-1600 rpm, adjustment screw underneath the choke assembly. All things considered, it should start easily and continue to run. You may want to adjust the choke cap to allow the engine to run alittle smoother. Remember the timing marks? Ubderneath those marks on the cap are the words "RICH/LEAN." This allows adjustment for summer (less choke time) and winter (more choke time) starting/warmup conditions.

It is all trial and error tuning, but, persistence will pay off.
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