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Rich -

I just swapped 93-97 z/28 rears onto my 69, which are essentially the same as the Baers, but with different brackets. Are both of your calipers hitting? Make sure they didn't send you a set for staggered shocks. If you have 2 identical calipers, then it's most likely a staggered shock setup. You should have a R and a L caliper - mirror images. Remember the bleeder goes up. Sounds like a call to Baer is in order.

On the rotors - I posted the exact same question and got a grand total of ZERO responses.

So I looked at rotors from other manufacturers, and they were all the same. The wierd thing is that if you put the rotor over the axle, even though it fits, you'll notice that your wheel studs aren't even centered in the oversize holes. The only thing I can figure is that the same rotor fits another application(s) with a different bolt circle, and they did it this way to cut costs. I don't think it's going to cause a problem/

Sorry, but can't help on the backing plate issue.
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