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BB smog, alt parts?

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I have these parts I picked up at last years swap meet. I know the alt bracket on the left is for a SB and I am assuming the smog bracket on the left is a SB as well. But the right side parts are what I am not sure of. The smog pump is dated 71, (white fan). Since the parts are bigger than the SB, I assume they are for a BB? If so, are they Camaro parts or some other car? thanks

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Not positive, but I think the one smog pump bracket on the left is for b/b. I'm going from memory, but I think the back part on mine is more trapazoidal like that one, rather than curved like the one on the right. However, I don't remember any holes in the bottom. I'll check when I get home tonight. Whichever is correct, it was the same for several years. The alternator bracket on the right is a b/b for sure. It was a 69 only as it had the insert spacer for the smog bolt. Later years had an offset stamped into the bracket similar to the s/b alternator bracket on the left.

You didn't ask, but b/b smog bracket=$25-35. b/b alternator bracket= $60-80.
Gary, thanks! Yes, the BB stuff will go on ebay eventually :) I took the smog bushing out of the BB one to save for my SS.
Kevin, Actually the brackets on the rite side are Big Block, and the ones on the left are S.B. The B.Block lower bracket is still availiable from GM with a change up part number 14015390, it is $15.09 retail and $11.47 wholesale. the one you have is a early issue probably 69/70, it can be recognized by the square nut on the back of the bracket. Later releases have a hex nut welded in place.
FYI the small block lower bracket is a 71 up. It is recognized by the hole in the lower section. 69/70 S.B. Brackets did not have this hole.
Hope this helps. Mike.
Kevin, Taking the bushing hurts the value of the b/b one, but enhances the value of the one you really care about. :)
Mike, Thanks for getting it straight. You've heard about old age and memory!
I also think the later b/b alternator bracket, with the offset is still available. I never checked, but I seem to see quite a few "NOS" ones with later GM packaging on ebay.
Thanks guys, but I got a little confused about which one is the "lower" bracket (lower alt or lower smog?) Mike on the bracket with the holes, I am assuming you meant the lower smog bracket? If so, I have 2 of them and will see if the other one has the holes too. Thanks!
Kevin, By Lower, I actually meant the smog bracket, I should have clarified. The lower smog bracket with out the holes is the hard one to find it seems, guess a person could allways weld up the holes to make it correct for a 69. The holes by the way were to bolt in a clip that retained the positive battery cable on later cars.
Hope this helps. Mike.
Mike, that does help! Unfortunately, both of the lower smog brackets I have have the holes. I guess I will get the welder out :)
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