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Custom tail lights are an essential part of any car build. Besides their styling features, they are important for safety and making your vehicle visible at night. If you want highly efficient, bright, and reliable taillights for your 16-18 Chevy Camaro, Morimoto has you covered.

XB LED taillights by Morimoto have already gained great popularity among car enthusiasts. These complete tail light assemblies will swap directly in place of the original Camaro tail lights and use the stock mounting points. They won't look out of place like most cheesy aftermarket models.

Watch the new video review from our tech expert Greg to learn more about Morimoto's XB Tail Lights.

Morimoto® - XB™ Black/Red Sequential LED Tail Lights

Notes: Not compatible with non-US spec cars.


  • Bulb type: SSC LED
  • Functions: turn/brake (dual intensity), backup light
  • Housing material: injection molded ABS
  • Lens material: UV-resistant high impact polycarb
  • Connector: GM multi-pin OEM
  • DOT, ECE, SAE, FMVSS compliance
  • IP67 waterproof
  • LED color: red (brake, turn signal), white (backup)
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