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....since I've been around here. Several years at least. Had a bunch of extenuating circumstances (divorce, moving, car in storage, etc..) that have kept me away. Anyway, trying to get back into the swing of things with my camaro. Here is a brief history of it, since I'm sure no one remembers me or my car. Here goes:

My grandfather bought it new in Long Beach, CA. Have all the original paperwork, although I don't have the original window sticker. Also have reciepts for every oil change, tire change, etc.. up to the time that I got it. It was always kept in a garage and rarely, if ever, driven in the rain. When I was growing up, I always told him that when ever he was ready to sell it that I would take it off his hands. Of course that didn't get me anywhere; it was his baby and no one was going to separate them. Was his daily driver until he passed away in 1998. I inherited it shortly after that. Had it trucked from CA to KY in summer of '99. When I took possession of it, it had white walls and a trailer hitch (G-pa/G-ma pulled a pop-up trailer with it). I drove it that way for a few months until a lifter blew apart and bent a pushrod. Decided to do a full rebuild on the engine at that point. Only had a little over 100k on it at that time. Rebuilt it basically to stock, bored .030 over and slightly more aggressive cam. At the same time I decided to rebuild the front suspension with poly bushings etc. Everything else is original including 4 wheel drum brakes! :eek: Paint is a bit rough, but 30-40% original. (G-pa was a ship painter and decided to re-paint all the horizontal surfaces after they faded a bit, did use lacquer paint though) Body is in great shape, had to get one crease pulled out of the right rear but other than that its all original and only some minor surface rust.

Right now it is being stored in my mom's garage in IL until I can get around to building a garage for it at my house in KY, but thinking about bringing it down for the summer to get some cruising in. Haven't really driven it much more than a few miles since summer of 2005. Needless to say I'm jonezing to drive it! :D

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