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Best Reproduction 69 Fenders?

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I have decided to cut bait on the original pair of 69 fenders I have. I just found a new rust area above the body line that must have rotted from a leaking antena. I had already patched both fenders and I was striping for filler application. I realized this pair had been worked too many times and the metal is getting too thin.
I have been searching to find out who makes the best repop fenders. I see a number of posts that are 6 to 8 years old but nothing recently. I have had good luck with repop quarters, doors and such with some minor welding or tweeking needed.

What brand or supplier did you have the best luck with? Goodmark, Golden legion or ?? I know these will not just fall onto the car but I want to keep my pain to $$$ ratio in a fair balance. I do not have the budget for NOS.

FYI this is going on a 69 Convertible with standard grill that has all repop sheetmetal.

Thanks for your input.

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If you can, try and find a pair of originals. Nothing fits like originals.
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