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There's a few ways to do it.....
Do you have an extra battery laying around?
Or you can buy a cheap 12V power supply at Radio Shack or somewhere. That's how I checked all my stuff like the wiper motor, heater blower, etc.

Get some large alligator clips and a few feet of 14 gauge wire. Cut two lengths of wire and strip both ends and then crimp the clips on one end of each wire. Put one wire on one battery terminal and hold it there somehow....tape or something. Put the other wire on the other terminal.
Don't let them touch each other!!
Figure out which terminals on the motors are 12V power and which are GND ground. Hook them up and see of the motors work.
Or hook the wires up to the harness where it gets it's power and ground from the car and activate the switches. That'll check the switches, harness and motors all at once.
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