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Big change. How big?

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Ive been thinking of putting A 305 or 350 in my 86. I want to convert from fuel injection to carb. Dont know how difficult or what the cost would be. Know ill have to change transmission. which motor is better? 350. Any recommendations?
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oh god...south side is gonna go off on a tangent about how useless 305`s are...he`s gonna have his nickers in a twist for 3 days ranting about boat anchors, and scrap metal and soforth...(just kiddin southie)the 350 would be a much better power builder...changing to carb isnt that big a deal, as long as you can get it through emmissions...the trans can be reused if it already has a v8...there is a ton of really smart guys here on the site that can help you in every step...try doing a search for engine swaps for a third gen first...dont see what you`re lookin for, just ask...
Hmm, a 305 or 350 V8. If you have a V6 installed now, you'll have to change transmission along with the engine swap, bolt patterns are different from a V8.

Quite a bit of time and money for the change, but can be done. If you're going to change, get the 350 CID. More standard choices from the shelf.
I personally, dont really remember any v6's that had a different tranny bolt pattern than the v8's. Altho Ive only messed with a few v6's they all had the same bolt pattern as a SBC or a BBC. Only variation was not having a bolt hole at the top of the bellhousing. the block had it but the tranny didnt...but I could be wrong, I have been before.
Well, I suggest this because 2.8, 3.1, & 3.4L V6's (60*) have a different bolt pattern then V8's (90*), except for the 4.3L V6 which is a V8 minus 2 cylinders.

I also suggest this because he asks for a 305 & 350 V8. If car had a 305 to begin with, piece of cake, but he asked for a V8 changeover. I may be adding too much to his question.
2.8 had a 700r4 with a bolt on bell if i remember correctly...the bell is totally different from v8...much smaller if memory serves...(it usually
Hmm, could be. I'm going from memory of an '87 S-15 with a 2.8 & auto. No bolt-on bellhousing here.

So I could be learning something new. Man, another thing/fact to remember.........
i just did a 00 s-10 4cyl eng and trans that had a 700r4 with bolt on bell...i wouldnt assume very desireable, but i`m positive it had the bolt bad 4l60e...same thing though...i`ve got a mind like a screen door though...s#$% just passes right through it...lmao...
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