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Hey all!
Just wanted to say hey. I am not a newbie, but I have been noticlebly absent for a year or so; had so many things going on that i really havent had a chance to keep up on the forums.
Let's see whats new? Divorced, a little older and a little wiser. Its not so bad, I am getting ready to get married to the best girl in the world, so the divorce is a godsend.
I was into the circle track racing thing for a while. Raced at Langley Speedway VA, in the #17 Chevy Cavalier. It was a good time, but the money and time just wasnt there.
As ya'll may know, I am in the Navy, and got assigned to a Ship last year. I am a diesel mechanic, working on Fairbanks Morsse Opposed Piston engines, so thats where most of my time has gone.
I moved down to Elizabeth City, NC, near Northeast Dragway, but still havent made it there yet. I deployed in Febuary, and while I was gone, my girl moved us to Camden NC. I am moving from a trailer to a house with a garage so I can start the project up again.
I have decided to try and do the body work myself, mainly out of necessity. Having a fiance and a 2 year old to take care of, the disposible income that i was going to spend on body work is gone. So that being said, I welcome all tips on getting started. What I am looking for right now is tips on what tools I need to start buying, and where to begin.
The 69 is stripped down completely. Inside and out is bare. The front subframe is off of it, the rear suspension is out and the car is sitting on a 4x4 Wooden frame with casters to roll it around. I know that I need to start doing the dash and stuff like that, but suggestions are welcome. Anybody in the area, I would welcome any hands on help or at least a "look-see" to get me pointed in the right direction.
Currently, I have the basic tools, a compressor, a 115v Wirefeed welder, and a gas welding/cutting setup. I know I am going to need a hammer and dolly set, but not sure what else I need to get.
I guess I am rambling, but its been a while since I have been on there, so just wanted to say hi!
Guess I have to buy the beers again huh :beers:
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