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My 1999 Camaro SS hard top blew it's right door speaker and boy is it annoying! I'm not a audiophile type and don't have a boomer stereo. It's just the stock Bose Monsoon stereo that came with the car as an option in 1999.

The thing is, the dealer wants 178 bucks for a speaker!!! Some place online will sell me a OEM replacement for about 100 bucks!!! I'm looking elsewhere to save some money.

Has anyone else ever found a way to install a decent, cheaper speaker into the 4 wire connector? I think an Alpine SPS-600 will work if I cut the tweeter wires off the Alpine's two prong connector and solder them straight to the Head Unit's input for the OEM's tweeter.

Has anyone else ever tried this? Think it will work? Do any stereo savvy types ever come here and think they might help me out? I'd appreciate any help I could get!
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