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I want to improve my braking by adding a power booster to my setup. Here is a picture of what I have now. I had a local shop put in SSBC front discs + master about 4-5 years ago (stock drums rear). I tend to like the stock setup so I want to go with an 11" booster. I was thinking about this unit from Camaro Central ( This is a GM Restoration Parts unit.
My questions are:

1) It looks like I have a distribution block but I don't see a proportioning valve/pressure regulator (I looked where it should be). Do I need to install a proportioning valve?

2) How is the quality of these GM Resto parts for brakes?

3) Is the metering valve setup preferable over the newer combination valve?

4) Can I reuse the hard lines? They are not that old and it looks like they can be bent to fit the new unit.

Thank you


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